• General


    Covers Sealant, Root Canal, Crown, Bridges, Partial Dentures and Teeth extractions.

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  • Dental


    When a tooth is lost the specialized bony process that houses the tooth begins to resorb due to lack of stimulation.

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  • Immediate


    Over time, people's teeth tend to naturally deteriorate. When a tooth has deteriorated substantially.

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  • Tooth Colored


    In the past, cavities could only be treated with unsightly metal fillings that are alloys for silver and mercury.

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  • Dental


    Dental Bonding, otherwise called reinforced rebuilding, is an easy approach to make minor repairs to teeth.

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Welcome to Tukwila Dental Center

"At the Tukwila Dental Center we pride ourselves in providing unique full-service general and cosmetic dentistry boutique. We meticulously evaluate and take into account the principles of how teeth bite together and beauty when creating smile designs. We can help you get that gorgeous smile you've always wanted. For many patients, we can restore teeth and gums to a beautifully natural smile.

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